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Myth 1: Title IX only protects women.

Truth: Although the law has been used primarily by women seeking to protect their rights, Title IX also protects men. All people are entitled to fair and equal treatment in all areas of education.

Myth 2: Title IX decreases male athletic opportunities in order to increase female athletic opportunities.

Truth: Title IX intends to create parity in athletics, as well as in other educational experiences for men and women. Title IX does not require an institution to cut any program.

Myth 3: Institutions must now spend equally on men's and women's programs

Truth: As long as differences in spending are deemed nondiscriminatory, individual institutions are allowed to spend money as they see fit.

Myth 4: Title IX creates equal opportunities for male and females.

Truth: Although nationally female participation in various programs has increased dramatically since the law's inception, a disturbing gap still exists throughout the country in regards to participation and funding.

Myth 5: All programs, whether educational or athletic, must be co-ed.

Truth: Various courts have interpreted Title IX to allow for single-sex programs in a number of categories, including beauty pageants, youth service organizations such as the Boy/Girl Scouts of America, and traditional men's/women's colleges.

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