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Minneapolis Public Schools have procedures in place to ensure the equitable treatment of all parties. We will promptly, thoroughly, and fairly investigate complaints, while acknowledging the rights and needs of all parties. All parties will have the opportunity to present their perspectives, provide witnesses and information, and ask questions and seek clarification.

Anyone may initiate a complaint. Although a written complaint is not required, the investigator will ask the complainant to complete a standardized form during, or prior to, the first interview. Victims are encouraged to file a complaint as soon as possible after the incident. Complaints filed more than 360 days after the last incident of harassment will only be investigated at the discretion of Francisco Gonzalez, the District's Director of Equality and Civil Rights. The respondent shall be notified in writing of the complaint with an explanation of the complete process and their rights. They will also have the opportunity to provide information and to be heard concerning the allegations of the complaint. Only those MPS personnel with a legitimate need to know will be informed of the filing and of the complaint's allegations. Access to information pertinent to the investigation shall be provided with data in accordance with  federal and state data privacy laws.

If a complainant no longer desires to pursue a complaint, MPS reserves the right to investigate and resolve the complaint as it deems appropriate.

Upon review of all relevant information pertaining to the complaint, Francisco Gonzalez will decide whether it is more likely than not that a violation of policy took place. If appropriate, consequences will be imposed on the perpetrator.

Prior to a final decision on the complaint, interim actions can be taken. These remedial measures intend to ensure the safety of the parties involved and the sufficiency of the complaint process. These prospective actions have no bearing on the eventual, final decision of responsibility.

The preceding text is a thorough, yet incomplete, statement of MPS procedure. For further information, feel free to contact Francisco Gonzalez at 612-668-0023 or

The complaint form can be found at: