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PDF Equality & Civil Rights Brochure   --  An overview of what our office covers.
PDF Quick Reference Sheet: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment   --  A handy reference sheet that defines harassment and discrimination with examples.
PDF MPS Complaint Form   --  A printable form for complaints of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment/assault, bullying, and retaliation.
PDF Ending K-12 Sexual Harassment: A Toolkit for Parents and Allies   --  This toolkit is for both public and private school parents, guardians, and interested adults who want to create safe schools free from sexual harassment and assault.
PDF Know the Warning Signs of Educator Sexual Misconduct   --  Educators can prevent much of the sexual misconduct in schools if they know how to recognize and respond to suspicious patterns and if administrators enforce an environment of high expectations for behavior.
PDF Sexual Harassment: It's Not Academic (Revised September 2008)   --  Question-and-Answer format to provide students, parents, school administrators, school employees, and others with fundamental information on recognizing and, addressing sexual harassment under Title IX.